Kasia Polkowska  

Bio: I am a Polish born artist (b. 1983 Warsaw, Poland). I graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York in 2006 with a BFA in Painting. I work in various mediums including, drawing, painting, photography, ceramics but mainly glass.  Additionally I teach the art os stained glass mosaics.  Currently I am living and working in Alamosa, Colorado where I am a full time artist.

About My Work: My work ranges in various themes of landscape and fantasy.  Through my stained glass mosaics, drawings and photos you can see my love of nature, patterns, colors and the hand-made.  I create my work as a reaction to what I find beautiful, curious, and inspirational.  I draw my creativity from the magnificence, mystery and magic of Mother Nature as well as the human spirit.  My projects are a way for me to investigate and to explore what I find particularly fascinating at the moment.  I seek out and photograph natural environments through hiking and road-tripping and back in the studio I translate them into colorful monuments of my impressions. My hope is that the work I do will show my strong connection to our planet, to inspire others to care about it the way that I do, to tread lightly and to protect the many special places that exist all around us.

Exploring The Great Outoors: I'm completely in love and captivated the Great American Landscape.  I've designed my life in a way to be centrally located in Colorado where I have access to incredible nature within minutes of leaving my studio.  In every direction, there are endless trails and new places to explore as well as more familiar ones to come back to and see in a different light.  While outside, I am not only inspired to be more creative and to be a better person but I also gather new material by photographing the landcape that I later work to express in glass.

Whats Planned for 2017: This promises to be a very busy and colorful year!   At the beginning of the year, I wrapped up working on my first public sculpture.  This was a collaboration with artist Kyle Cunniff who sculpted the form which I decorated it in a mosaic.  The sculpture is a 4ft Matryoshka (Russian Stacking Doll) which has been accepted into the 2017 Artscape Art on Loan Program in Alamosa, Colorado.  The doll will be installed in downtown for a year starting in June 2017.

My main project for the year is working on a new collection inspired by my trips to Yellowstone National Park.  It will consist of about a dozen large scale landscapes.  Currently I've completed the first two and am working on the third while planning the 4th - lots to do!

In the latter part of they year I hope to start another new series based on the many places I had the honor of exploring while on a year long roadtrip across the US in 2015.  The work will be  based on the photos I've taken in those many special places I've been lucky enough to set foot on.  I will be reworking my approach and will be adding new dimensions to my glass works.  I will strive to capture the essence of each place and to impress and touch those who connect to Mother Earth as I do.  Additionally I aim to inspire others to get out there and to see what this beautiful planet has to offer.

About My Teaching: The mosaic medium has been gaining popularity in the last decade. In the recent years my mosaics went viral on pinterest and facebook which has paved the way for teaching. I've been teaching stained glass mosaic workshops since 2014. Up-to-date, I've designed five unique workshops where anyone from a complete beginner to an advanced mosaic artist has come to learn my technique and to experience the stained glass mosaic process from start to finish while completing a unique mosaic based on one of the many designs created by me especially for my students. In 2015 I've taken the show on the road, setting out on the Kasia Mosaics US Tour - the ultimate road trip where for 8 months I lived and traveled in a converted cargo van, teaching pop-up mosaics classes all over the United States. Addition I've been teaching an Online Classes as the demand for my classes now extends beyond the US boarders.  Up to date, I've taught hundreds of students and counting!  At the end of 2017 I will be releasing a new Online Class, expanding my curriculum.

New Website Coming Later in 2017!!!

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